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7 Secrets To A Healthier Smile -- Tips From Your Woodlands Dentist

Most people think that visiting their dentist twice a year and doing the minimum requirement (brush twice a day, floss once) for their oral health. Dr. Dernick, a Woodlands Dentist, found this article from Web MD about 7 additional things you can do to improve your oral health. You'd be surprised to know that there are additional measures you can take to give yourself that gleaming smile you've always wanted -- it just takes a little effort:
When it comes to lighting up some of Hollywood's brightest smiles as well as tending to the pearly whites of the average Joe, New York City dentist Steven Roth, DMD, does it all. With more than 25 years of cosmetic and restorative dentistry experience, he created a technique that allows patients to "test drive" cosmetic dental procedures (such as temporary veneers) before taking the plunge. We chatted with Roth from his Manhattan office, SmilesNY, and asked him to share the seven things he always tells every patient. 
1. You probably aren't seeing the dentist enough. 
The standard twice-a-year visit (covered by most dental plans) is only half enough. Adults should see the dentist every 90 days. I know it sounds like a lot (and believe me, I get some resistance from reluctant patients), but, after just three months, the bacteria we clean out of your mouth during a check-up -- it's all recolonized! I know it can seem expensive, especially if you have to pay for the additional visits out of pocket, but it's well worth it from a health perspective. If you think about what you might spend on regularly cutting or coloring your hair, it's really not far off from that. 
2. If you're scared of the dentist because you think it's going to hurt, you're not seeing the right dentist. 
Today we can manage every single aspect of discomfort with the right medications to handle the annoyance of keeping your mouth open for a long period of time, or anesthesia for more extensive, invasive procedures like root canals. You name the issue, we can address it. 
The Woodlands Dentist
The Woodlands Dentist
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