Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When The Cats Are Away...

What's the old addage? When the cats are away, the mice come out to play? Well, in this case, when Dr. Dernick goes on vacation, his office staff likes break a few rules. Here's how Dr. Dernick's Woodlands dental office likes to unwind when the boss is out of town. No cell phones were hurt in the making of these photos:

The Woodlands Dentist
Are you supposed to be eating in your office, Marty?

The Woodlands Dens
Michelle: On the phone and reading a magazine instead of getting her patient!

the woodlands dentist
Nicole & Kathy: Busted surfing the internet!

the woodlands dentist
Shasta’s even getting her patients to hold HER phone while she’s with a patient!

Suzanne: Caught taking a nap a work!

the woodlands dentist
Michelle D: Are cell phones allowed in the patient rooms?

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