Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You Could Have Sleep Apnea and Not Even Know it

It may be hard to believe, but some people have no idea that they are suffering from Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea affects people all over the world. Your Woodlands Dentist explains that Sleep Apnea is a condition that causes men, women, and sometimes children to stop breathing while they are asleep. Recent studies have shown that people who suffer from Sleep Apnea are at risk for other complications.

Patients who suffer from Sleep Apnea and go through a sleep study wake up as many as 112 times an hour. That means that some patients who have Sleep Apnea will stop breathing two times a minute.

Unfortunately, some people who have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea after a Sleep Apnea study resort to surgery, but doctors are asking that more research be done as surgery for Sleep Apnea could cause serious complications. Although surgery may sound like an appealing option as opposed to wearing a continuous positive air pressure or CPAP while they sleep, your Woodlands Dentist Dr. Dernick will tell you there are other options.

According to surgery for Sleep Apnea has a 25 to 30 percent success rate and patients who suffer from severe Sleep Apnea are less likely to eliminate Sleep Apnea symptoms. If your doctor promises that surgery will cure your Sleep Apnea, it is time to schedule an appointment with a Woodlands Dentist who specializes in Sleep Apnea.   

Non-invasive methods are always the best option when it comes to Sleep Apnea, but Dr. Dernick, your Dentist in Woodlands, can help you sleep better at night and it does not require surgery, or a CPAP machine.

When you schedule an appointment with the best Woodlands Dentist, Dr. Dernick, and the doctors that he works with, will most likely suggest a sleep study. During the sleep study, you will be monitored in order to diagnose Sleep Apnea. If you do have Sleep Apnea, your Dentist in Woodlands and his staff will offer an alternative to a cumbersome CPAP machine.

Your Woodlands Dentist can make custom fitted and fabricated oral appliances that will help you sleep better. The appliances that are worn overnight will help your jaw move forward allowing your airways to open up. Sleep Apnea appliances have had amazing results, and are the best alternative when it comes to Sleep Apnea. Although you can buy oral appliances over the counter at your local drugstore, your Dentist is Woodlands does not recommend it. Dr. Dernick and his professional staff have had oral appliance therapy and know what is best for you.

If you believe that you may have Sleep Apnea, or have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, schedule an appointment with your Woodlands Dentist today.